This Generation

For the pre-70AD Church, one event towered over everything else. This was the return of their master who promised to deliver them from their enemies and reward them for their faithfulness in the face of intense persecution.

70AD was the major upcoming event on the pre-70AD  Apostolic church calendar.
All the Apostles expressed their great anticipation of Jesus’ imminent return and they all believed He was coming in their generation and wrote about it.

His return would bring an end to the Mosaic Covenant Age, replacing it with the  Kingdom of God, the age that was to come.

The promise of Jesus’ return at the end of the Mosaic Covenant Age, which Jesus told them would happen in their generation, shaped the Church. It powered its urgency to get the Gospel (the great commission) out to their fellow Hebrews who were spread throughout all the nations that made up the Biblical world and then the end would come. I do not believe that the Bible teaches the end of this world, rather the focus is on the end of the Old Covenant Age.

I noticed the front page of one of the UK newspapers last weekend and as soon as I saw it I was reminded of ‘this generation’ in the New Testament. I thought the newspaper front page would make a great illustration for a blog post, so I took the image in Photoshop.


This Generation

On Sunday 5th April at 8.00 pm 2020, during the lockdown due to the coronavirus epidemic, the Queen delivered a speech in which she said ‘Those who come after us will say that the Britons of this generation were as strong as any’.

I have no doubt that most if not all that either listened to her speech or read the transcript would understand that the Queen was referring to her generation, the very generation she was addressing.

The statement made by the Queen refers to specific people, at a specific point and place in history, about a specific set of circumstances. We and those future generations will naturally understand it’s about one particular generation and their crisis in the year 2020.

2,000 years ago Jesus made a very similar statement in much the same way as did the Queen using the same words “this generation”.

 Truly I say to you, this generation will not pass away until all these things take place. ~ Matthew24:34 

The Power of Deliberate Blindness

Basically, looking back, no one will have any trouble understanding the Queen’s clear message and who she was addressing, namely her contemporaries. However, many people flat out refuse to apply the same logic to Jesus when He addressed His disciples 2,000 years ago.

Many people cannot accept the plain meaning of Jesus’ words because they don’t fit their eschatological world view. They would rather commit intellectual suicide in order to indulge their unbiblical end-time fantasies.


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