How We Got Our Old Testament – The Septuagint Vs The Masoretic Text


 If the MT is inerrant, then the LXX is always wrong when it disagrees with the MT.  But if the LXX is wrong, then so is the New Testament and Jesus Himself!

We must choose between the inerrancy of Jesus and the inerrancy of the MT.  This is no choice at all, for if Jesus is not inerrant, then He is not Who He claimed to be and we ought not to follow Him, in which case there is no reason to care what the Bible has to say, anyway. ~ On The Merits of The Septuagint by Joh Tors

The Septuagint Preserved Something The Masoretic Text Lost!

The Alexandrian Septuagint vs The Masoretic Text

The synagogue system was birthed in Alexandria and the Jews needed a reliable translation of the Hebrew scriptures in Greek, as by now most Jewish people of the Diaspora only spoke in Koiné Greek during the Hellenistic Period. Their ancestors had left Israel centuries before and had gradually lost the ability to read the Scriptures in ancient Hebrew.

Greek was the common universal language throughout the Mediterranean regions and as far as India, everyone spoke it. It was the international language of learning, shipping, education, and commerce, much the same way English is today.

The High Priest in Jerusalem accepted a proposal from King Ptolemy to translate a Greek translation, allowed him to finance the enterprise, and sent 70 Jewish scholars to Alexandria to do the work. Continue reading

Why did the Rabbis tamper with the Hebrew and Greek Texts?

Rabbi Akiva ben Joseph is referred to in the Talmud as the “Chief of the Sages”. He was the founding father of Talmudic Judaism and one of the most beloved heroes in Jewish history. He wasn’t even a Jew by birth but descended from converts to Judaism. He was a Kabbalist and he hated the early Church.

So how did he influence the Old Testament text that most of our English Bible translations are based on today? Continue reading

World Domination – The Destiny Of The Jews

Ever since The Reformation most English translations of the Old Testament have been based on the Masoretic text. Church tradition believed the propaganda of the Talmudic Rabbis and to this day upholds the Masoretic Text as the inspired, sacred, infallible version of the Old Testament. Most of our English Bible translations, including the King James version, have been translated from it. But that changed once the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered … Continue reading

How To Steal The Kingdom of God

God Most High created the nation of Israel to be a light to the nations. The plan was to showcase a nation under His sovereign rule that was to be a natural expression of who He is Himself. The contrast between the nation of Israel under His leadership and the nations of the biblical world would become apparent if the Hebrews obeyed him and lived according to His statutes. Ultimately this would lead to His son’s inheritance of the nations.

However, under the influence of the antichrist spirit, the Talmudic scribes believed the nations to be their own inheritance, their destiny, and not Yeshua’s. This belief sets the foundation for the bias of their translation of the Old Testament. Unless we understand this bias we will never fully appreciate the differences between the two translations… Continue reading

Is Chronicles The Last Book Of The Old Testament?

We’re all so used to the order of our Old Testament books but few realise that the order of the books Jesus and the New Testament writers quoted from was different from what we are used to. When you place the books in the order Jesus, the Apostles, and the Jews would have read them, they make so much more sense. Especially when it comes to understanding Luke 11 and the woes pronounced on the scribes and Pharisees… continue reading 

The case for the Septuagint’s chronology in Genesis 5 and 11

This is a link to a separate website detailing how the Rabbi’s changed the chronology of the Old Testament to hide when their Messiah was to come. The research paper demonstrates how the bible chronology was longer in Jesus and Josephus’ day up until 70AD.