I’m a Child of God, following the breadcrumbs that our Heavenly Father leaves us along this Kingdom journey.

I’ve learned so many precious things over the last few years and I’ve had a paradigm shift in regards to living in the Kingdom of God. From my new insight I wrote the following:

Furthermore, I believe that men and women are of equal importance, value, and position in the Kingdom of God. They are sons and daughters in Yahweh’s family business, partnering equally together to advance His Kingdom.

I enjoy the freedom of being able to use my own gifts, to be who I was meant to be and re-present Yahweh through this blog. These are Kingdom life principles I now live by:

You’ll find out a little more by reading the following as it forms the backbone to this blog:

Finally, I’ll always write from ‘My understanding at this point in time’ as I am growing, learning and always open to correction.