My passion is for the Kingdom of God. It’s my reason for living in the here and now – what’s yours?

I’ve discovered that this passion takes you out of your comfort zone. I was once very comfortable in that familiar place but little did I realise that it was fear and complacency that were keeping me there. I was in prison, but I didn’t realise that the prison door had always been open. I just hadn’t tried to escape or even the motivation to escape. Fear had me trapped and paralyzed. Until … I stopped being a prisoner of my past.

I’ll never forget my past as that would be denial. But I have learned from it. All the time I was sitting in that prison I wasn’t alone. Yahweh didn’t come into my prison and pull me out of it. But He sat there with me, loving me and speaking to me until I was ready to walk out that door on my own.

I’ve now moved into Yahweh’s training zone for the rest of my life and I know how reluctant I was to take that initiative on my own. Passion pushed me to become Kingdom focused and I know that passion will stretch me in ways I never thought possible because being a Kingdom person comes at a great cost.

Everything I do now is related to this Kingdom perspective… even my passion for writing, gardening and photography can be used for the Kingdom of God! I’ve been given a unique set of skills/talents and strengths to fulfill the purpose for which I was created – for His glory. It drives me to live my life abundantly and with power. It’s the life He has always wanted me to live.

Passion led me here! Come with me and we can find out what that Kingdom perspective looks like together.

King of Heaven we will answer the call
We will follow bringing hope to the world
Filled with passion, filled with power to proclaim
Salvation in Jesus’ name ~ Keith & Kristyn Getty

How about you – are you prepared to take the risk?