Stuff all of that!

The older I become the more I realise how much less stuff I need in this life. Stuff prevents us from growing. It becomes an obstacle and distracts us from what’s really important in this life. 

Stuff collects dust.
Stuff goes out of fashion.
Stuff goes up into the attic and is totally forgotten about.
Stuff means you need a bigger place to keep it all in.
Stuff is clutter.
Stuff is maybe only used once.
Stuff can become an obsession.
Stuff takes over your life.
Stuff takes over your bank account.

Stuff all of that!


As a friend once commented

We’ve got to live with Passion, Purpose and Power. If we live in such a way we will own things instead of things owning us.


I’m grateful for the things I do surround myself with, and try to take good care of them.


Recycle your stuff.
Save space for the essentials in life.
Make room to grow.
Enjoy the simple things in life.
AND best of all collect friends, experiences and memories instead of stuff.

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